Bento Lunches - Week One

>> Friday, May 7, 2010

This week I started making Bento style lunch boxes for the kids. I have to tell you - Miss.Bean loved them  and Bub, well he's 12 - he didn't complain so I'll take that as a complement. :) Also every single day the boxes came home empty (well, except for yesterday's but I packed too much), so the kids enjoyed the food that was packed. Best of all I think these were the healthiest lunches I have packed for 5 consecutive days. Unfortunately I only have pictures for 4 days. Today after the kids left when I went to upload the pictures it wasn't on the camera - just a blank file.

Pizza Roll-Up, Clementine, 2 sugar cookies, veggie sticks & dip. Crackers, Babybel cheese & ham.

Homemade mini-pancakes & sugar-free syrup, smiley boiled egg, fresh strawberries & blackberries, cucumber slices, a hidden cheese stick. Babybel cheese, grapes & checkerboard apple half.

Small whole wheat bagel with ham & romaine lettuce, baby carrots & dip, Clementine & cheese crackers. Frozen sliced strawberries & mango pieces.

Leftover meat pie, apple slices, fresh kiwi & blackberries, sliced mushroom, baby carrots & dip. Frozen sliced strawberries & mango pieces, cheese stick.

No picture for Friday
Lunch - Scrambled egg burrito, fresh blackberries & strawberries, baby carrots, celery sticks & dip, cheese crackers.  Snack - Clementine, grapes & cheese stick

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