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>> Saturday, November 20, 2010

About a month ago I went to a local craft fair and purchased a couple of bars of handcrafted soaps from Creative Wanderings. Oh. My. Gosh. These are the most amazing soaps I have ever tried.  I've always been a fan of handcrafted soaps; mainly because I don't find them to be nearly as harsh on my skin as conventional soaps. These soaps were absolutely amazing though.  They left my skin so moisturized that I didn't need to use a separate moisturizer and the smell - well it was all I could do not to eat the bars. Even my big kids made comments about how good they smell, and they are always wanting to use this soap over the other soaps in the bathroom.

Creative Wanderings is located in Kingston, Nova Scotia. All of the Creative Wanderings soaps are hand crafted using the cold process method, which retains all the naturally-occurring glycerin of the saponification process. The oils that she uses are all vegetable based, so vegetarians can feel comfortable knowing that no animal fats are present. Yay! for vegan soap!!
Sugar Rush                                   Jack Frost 
The first soap that we used was called Sugar Rush. It was absolutely amazing. The soap smelled like a mixture of cotton candy and vanilla cake. Every time I took a shower and used this soap I couldn't help but feel happy. The soap is made from all natural vanilla and it lathers up brown. At first I thought it was going to stain my wash cloths but it didn't. :) Last night Miss. Bean told me the next time I buy this soap I should buy 12 of them. I guess she's as sad as I am that it is all gone.

The second bar that we used was called Jack Frost. I bought this soap because it reminded me of how Christmas and winter smell. It is made from a blend of eucalyptus, peppermint, and spruce. This soap actually left my body feeling all tingly and refreshed. I really loved using this soap when my sinuses were bothering me or if I had a headache - it actually helped relieve the symptoms. I think I want to stock up on this soap to use in the summer months, because of how it made me feel cool. I bet it would be great on a hot, summer night before going to bed.

Creative Wanderings also sells shaving soaps, shampoo bars, body buttah, body balms, children's soaps and more! Check out their web page for all of their products.  They will deliver if you live locally and they ship anywhere in North America. These soaps would make fantastic Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers! You can also find them on Facebook - let them know I sent you. :)

Creative Wanderings is going to be at the Acadia & Somerset Christmas Craft Fairs  tomorrow, November 21st.  If you are a local, looking for some great handmade soaps for yourself or for a gift; I encourage you to head over to one of the fairs and support by purchasing local and handmade.

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