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>> Thursday, November 11, 2010

I don't know about you but in our house it seems the kids are always on one of the computers. I've always had access to their usernames and passwords and they know that I check history, cookies and all of that. But lately we've been having some issues with cyber bullying and while I want my kids to tell me who is doing it, they seem to have a fear of saying who it is (fear of retaliation?). So I went in search of a way to monitor Facebook chats specifically.  I came across the McGruff SafeGuard. McGruff SafeGuard is a permanently free service.

Here are the features of McGruff SafeGuard
• All website visits
• MySpace/Facebook and social network activity
• Chat and instant message conversations
• Search engine phrases
• Emails sent on popular systems, including AOL, Yahoo, MSN and Hotmail
• Tracks total hours spent online

• Intelligent monitoring automatically alerts you by email to potential danger
• Get daily summary of activityjavascript:void(0)
• Report predators directly to Law Enforcement
• Auto-monitors for hundreds of dangerous phrases
• Create your own custom alerts

• Your child's activity by keyword and date
• Your child's activity by buddy name

• Translates "kidspeak" abbreviations and acronyms
• Choose your level of monitoring preferences
• Installs on your child's PC one time. Then, monitor remotely forever.
• No need to sneak back onto your child's PC.
• Block specific people from talking to your child
• Connect and cooperate with millions of other parents worldwide

I signed up and installed the program in less than 10 minutes. I am really relieved now that I can see exactly what my kids are doing online. Of course I will be telling my children that I have installed this program and when I find inappropriate online behavior or I see cyber bullying I can have an open discussion with my children.

If you would like to install McGruff SafeGuard on your computers, go here and please use Friend Code 99091 when you get the referral screen.

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