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>> Saturday, September 29, 2007

I was completely amazed today. Ok for several reasons. One, I got my darling husband to help me clean out our storage shed. We have had stuff in there for 3 years that family members had brought for us to sell at our yard sale. So the stuff that never sold I had every intention of getting rid of right after the yard sale...well my hunny just couldn't see why would should get rid of ohhhh say the cat travel box (the fact that we don't have a cat had no bearing on his case). Well, finally today he did it! We did a clean sweep of the shed. We had a keep pile, a trash pile and the freecycle pile. The keep pile was so small. I was very very pleased with how little we had to put back. Then I came in the house to start listing on freecycle.
People have been telling me for a couple of years that I should freecycle. I had this idea that you would list the stuff then have to wait days for them to come haul it away. And when I clean...I want that stuff gone yesterday, so I just didn't see how freecycle would work for me. Well to my utter amazement I listed the stuff an within 5 minutes I had replys! Everything we had to go is gone...Today! So my friends, if you have never freecycled and you are cleaning/decluttering for christmas, please give freecycle a try. If you don't know how to get started just go to, browse for a group near you, join and start posting your treasures.


Veggiemomof2 September 30, 2007 at 4:36 PM  

I've also seen people pile it all outside, post a pic of it all, & list their address & just let it disappear.

I love &!

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