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>> Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I finally decided to give it a go and make my own blog. I got the great idea for it while I was in the shower. Yes, the shower. Don't you get the best ideas while in the shower? I do! Either that or around 3am when I've woken up and I can't fall back to sleep, but then, of course, I do fall asleep. When I wake up I know I had a great idea but its gone. So at least this idea came to me in the shower or you may never have seen me actually blogging. lol (Do people do "lol" in blog?) The idea came about mostly because I am pregnant and I have questions. Lots of them! It's been over 7 years since I last got to do this and WOW there is alot of new stuff out there.
I have been looking at wraps because I have decided to wear my baby alot this time. I loooove to hold my babies and figured that wearing them would just be so much easier. I can actually do things; like laundry, run the vacuum, wash some dishes and not be tied down to a chair while snuggling my little bug.

This is the wrap I want to use for the new baby. It is called the CuddlyWrap™.
On to the big question. What kind of diaper bag do you use when you wear your
baby in a wrap? I was thinking at first maybe a backpack, but then that seems bulky and might look a little odd. Maybe a messenger bag? That might get uncomfortable with the strap. No stroller to hang the diaper bag off of, so I really need some input here. What do/did you use when you wore your baby out for the day?
Thoughts, ideas, and suggestions are all welcome! :o)


Veggiemomof2 September 26, 2007 at 7:47 PM  

My baby is 10, so I can't help you here!

Welcome to the blogosphere!

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