Halloween 2009 - The Finale

>> Sunday, November 1, 2009

What a busy week! Did you all have a great Halloween?  Ours ended up to be pretty good, all things considered.  If you haven't heard by now we have what is presumed to be H1N1 in the house. Bub came home on Wednesday with all the symptoms and now I am giving everyone big doses of vitamin C, D, elderberry and lots of garlic.  Garlic isn't just good for warding off vampires you know.smileys Needless to say I've been a little busy dealing with sickies and trying to move on with Halloween, so I really didn't have much time to blog this week. Today I'm going to try to catch you up on what we did for Halloween fun.

I made quite a few Halloween treats.  A few more than I had planned originally but it was fun making them. The big kids helped a little.  They like to help but also get bored half-way through so I usually end up finishing alone.  We made ghost sugar cookie cut-outs, roasted pumpkin seeds, caramel corn, candy corn cookies, and Halloween cake pops. All of the recipes can be found over on my recipe site. :)

On Tuesday night we did our pumpkin carving.  As you can see from the first picture there were a few tears from our youngest carver.  In that picture he was upset because he couldn't dig in his pumpkin like the big kids could do.  I quickly fixed that problem and we had some fun for awhile.  This was his first year doing a pumpkin - it was pretty cute.  He did try to taste the pumpkin innards a few times, that was funny to see.  Of course we ran into tears again when the big kids were doing the actual pumpkin carving and all he could do was draw on his pumpkin with markers and pens.  I had planned to let him paint his pumpkin but I was a little overwhelmed with all that was going on at the time.

We had planned a bit better costumes before Bub got sick and since we weren't going to go out trick-or-treating we decided to just play it low key and just dress up enough to get a few pictures for the scrapbook.  Bub was going to be a mummy.  He was feeling miserable so we just ended up stopping with his face done. Little E is our little pumpkin - I just love that picture of him. Miss. Bean dressed up as an old lady.  She has been wanting to dress up as this for a couple of years now. They had fun just dressing up this much and letting me take a couple pictures of them.

Since the kids didn't get to go trick-or-treating I went out earlier and bought them a bunch of treats that we divided up.  They decided it was much better getting treats that way because you didn't have to do all that walking.  Yeah, this isn't happening every year kiddo's so don't get used to it. ;) After all that fun we turned out the lights, lit a few candles and watched some Halloween movies.  Overall we had a very nice Halloween, and the kids said it was even more fun than going trick-or-treating. I would definitely call that a success!

How was your Halloween?  Did your kids have fun dressing up? Have a post about your Halloween festivities? Leave me a link, I'd love to come see what you did!


Amy,  November 2, 2009 at 12:17 PM  

They are all so cute. Too bad they didn't feel good, but it sounds like everyone had a nice time. Thanks to you they didn't miss out on the good part of Halloween (candy! .. oh and family fun)


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