Holiday Grand Plan - Week Ten

>> Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy November 1st! We are in the home stretch now for getting ready for Christmas.  Now I am starting to get excited!  I do wish I had been able to get more accomplished up to this point, but what I have done is good so I take comfort in that fact.  However, now is the time to really make things happen.  Keeping in mind the goal of a peaceful and fun Christmas season should help me stay focused.  At least I hope so. :)

Last week I didn't get as much done as I had hoped. With Halloween and a sick kid at home for half the week, I think I did fairly well.  Halloween was fun and we lived in the moment of that. I think that is important to do. Getting caught up in what needs to be done or what we should be doing can sometimes spoil the fun that we could/should be having.  Important to live in the moments you know - create those fun memories with the kids.

With this being the start of a brand new month, I'm going to do my best to start with a brand new attitude about getting ready for Christmas.  Not that my attitude has been bad, but I have been able to let my inner brat talk me out of a lot of chores.  This month she is going to have to behave herself so that next month she can have fun.  That little inner brat will get rewarded with plenty of shopping on the weekends so that should make her happy. :)

The Holiday Grand Plan site says that this week's focus is on the family room. If you are following along with that site for the cleaning chores, you'll want to head over there and print off the forms you will need for this week's focus.  I'll be doing the FlyLady zone for my focus and this week that is on the dining room and patio.

My goals for the week are:

*Holiday Prep*
  1. Make one batch of Holiday Goodies.
  2. Make one extra meal for freezer again labeled HOLIDAY MEAL.
  3. Take down Halloween decorations.
  4. Buy LED lights and put window lights up in the dining room.

      1. Dining Room
          - Plant in shower
          - Dust mop walls for cobwebs
          - Dust & Clean wall art
          - Dust knick-knacks & shelves
          - Clean ceiling fan
          - Clean tea cart & glass
          - Clean table & chairs
          - Move furniture, vac, sweep and mop

      2. Patio
          - Clean off patio
          - Sweep patio
          - Clean up bbq area

I know that some of my readers may be from the US, so you should be starting to think about what you are going to do for Thanksgiving.  Start decorating now - a little each day if you have to, plan your menu, look for linens and things.  There are a lot of details for you to cover so be sure to check out the Holiday Grand Plan site if you need a refresher of what you should be preparing now so that Thanksgiving goes smoothly for you.

Be sure to stop over and see how my friends who are also doing the Holiday Grand Plan are making out with their goals. Feel free to leave them a comment as well, I'm sure they would love it!
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Diane at DianeDenmark
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TheFeministBreeder November 3, 2009 at 11:30 AM  

I am in awe of your chore list. I MUST do this for myself. I've been totally unable to organize my life/house/time since I left my job in September. I was a project manager for crying out loud, and I thought that I'd "Project Manage" my time at home. Except I'm too down and tired and lazy to pull myself together enough to be really productive here. Just getting the kitchen clean each night seems like a major accomplishment.

But you've inspired me.

Confessions Of A Working Mom November 3, 2009 at 5:15 PM  

You are so organized! WOO HOO!

I love your enthusiasm for the holidays, and preparing our homes and families for such a joyous season. You set a good example here in blog-land!


Confessions Of A Working Mom November 5, 2009 at 2:49 PM  

Hey there! I've got a little something for you on my site to thank you for letting me read your awesome blog!


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