Holiday Grand Plan - Week Eleven

>> Sunday, November 8, 2009

Can you believe there are only 45 days left until Santa arrives? I am really getting excited!! I swear I am like a kid when it comes to Christmas.  It's not the presents - well I do love shopping and buying the presents, but I love decorating the house, baking, going to do fun Christmas activities and the snow! Oh I love the snow!

Last week I had Bubs home with the flu and mid-week I ended up coming down with it too.  He's all recovered and I'm mostly better now though, so that's good.  Even with all of that I was able to get all my chores for last week done! Yay! And yesterday I got a head start on this week's chores - I went ahead and did my zone work in the kitchen while I had extra hands around to help with the baby.

This week according to The Holiday Grand Plan site we are to be working on the garage and/or storage areas.  We don't have a garage but our back shed could use some work.  And it would probably behoove me to get the outdoor decorations out and ready to be set up before the snow arrives.  I can put them under the deck for storage right now, since I think it's just a touch early to be setting them out.  You'll want to head over over to The Holiday Grand Plan site to print off the lists for this week if you are planning on following all of their chores.  I'll be doing that chore and I'll be of course doing my Flylady zone for this week.

My goals for the week are:

*Holiday Prep*
  1. Make one batch of Holiday Goodies.
  2. Make one extra meal for freezer again labeled HOLIDAY MEAL.
  3. Figure out holiday clothes and make an appointment for pictures
  4. Finalize Gift list & go shopping!
*Chores - Flylady zone 2, the kitchen*
  1. Wash walls
  2. Clean knick knacks
  3. Wash light fixtures
  4. Dust blinds
  5. Clean all appliance inside & out - fridge, stove, microwave
  6. Straighten & wash all cabinets and drawers
  7. Clean trash can - oops forgot this!
  8. Shine sink
  9. Sweep & mop floor

That's the plan for this week. I'm already off to a great start so I think I will try to do some little extra things here and there around the house to get a head start on some other rooms.

How is your Christmas planning coming? If you are in the US, how are you doing on your Thanksgiving prep?

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