Crafty Tuesday - It's in the Mail!

>> Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Last night Miss. Bean came to me practically in tears asking me to make a mailbox for their class.  Apparently the students are going to write notes to one another and she really wanted to bring in the mailbox for them to use. She knew I could make one because it is what I made her last year for her Valentine's cards.   For that mailbox I used pretty Valentine paper.  For this mailbox I just used a pretty neutral paper, I didn't want any kids saying I'm not using that it's pink, ect. :)  If I had a little more time to make this I would have added some cute embellishments - like the word mail on the front, maybe decorate the flag a bit.  If you decide to make this for your little one go ahead and dress it up or better yet let the kids dress it up.

Also my mailbox isn't even close to being perfect. I have a template (that I will share with you) but of course both of my printers are out of ink; so I had to freehand the front and back flaps and the flag. If you use the template your's will likely turn out even better!

Here's how you can make a mailbox of your very own:

What you will need:
  • 1 sheet of patterned or stamped paper 
  • 1 or 2 sheets of coordinating card stock (8-½ x 11)
  • Adhesive
  • Ribbon
  • Brads and eyelets
  • Any embellishments you like
  • Cropadile
  • Paper cutter
  • Template printed (I used the word document)

What you will need to do:

  1. Cut your patterned paper to 8-½” x 11” if needed
  2. Cut your base (bottom of the mailbox) card stock to 8-½” x 5-½” scored ½” in on both of the 8-½” lengths
  3. Cut out flaps and flag on 2nd sheet of card stock from the printed template
  4. Attach arched top to base
  5. Attach back piece to box
  6. Attach front piece to box
  7. Attach flag with brad
  8. Use cropadile and put eyelet in front piece and top of arched piece
  9. Loop ribbon through eyelets and tie with a bow
  10. Add any embellishments you like
I hope you enjoy this craft.  There are so many ways you can use this.  Not just for Valentine's Day but you could also make one for your child's bedroom and leave them little love notes or maybe be a conversation starter or journal entry ideas.  Use your imagination and have fun getting your craft on!


Cathy H. @frugalgirl January 29, 2010 at 9:00 AM  

That is so cute, Krista! Wish I was as crafty as you are! What a great Valentine idea, too!

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