Had to laugh...at first anyhow

>> Friday, January 2, 2009

Be sure to click on the photo to read what it says. Oh how I wonder how many men wish it was still the 1950's *haha* and how grateful many wives are that it is 2009! That was my reaction when I first read the article.

Then...I started thinking about it a little more...
-Have supper ready for him when he gets home. I try to most nights have supper ready when he gets home from work or soon there after. There are times he cooks for us, but as a general rule I try to have something going. I know when he gets home he is hungry and he usually doesn't eat much during the day at work.
-Prepare yourself. I definitely don't do that one. Would it hurt? Probably not. Would he like it? Oh probably more than coming home to find me in the same pj's he left me in. lol And really getting dressed everyday (staying home or not) probably would do something pick me up also.
-Be cheerful for him when he comes home. Really who wants to come home to a grump. I know sometimes as soon as he walks in the door I sometimes unload on him. Maybe that isn't fair. It's not like all of his days are rosy either and he rarely if ever comes home grumpy to me.
-Clear away the clutter. I know I hate coming home to a mess. I'm sure it isn't very welcoming for him to come home to a mess either.
-Be happy to see him. Again I repeat - who wants to come home to a grump. I used to give him a hug and a kiss every single day when he would get home from work. Perhaps I need to go back to that. A nice way to let him know he was missed I think.
-Listen to him. So many times I start babbling about my day. I need to take more time to listen to how his day went. While my topics of conversation are just as important as his, I need to focus less on me and a bit more on him.
-Never complain if he is late or goes out to dinner or stays out all night. HAHAHA yeah right...if you're reading this hunny - keep dreaming!! LOL
-Make your home a place of peace and order. This is for me just as much as it is for him. I need to work harder at this one. I would love to have a relaxing evening with him and it is much easier to do when things are done and the house is in order.
-A good wife knows her place. Yes, it is right next to my husband. We are partners in this marriage.

I think I've been focusing on myself lately. How I feel, what I want. There are two people in this relationship. I need to spend more time focusing on my husband. Showing him I appreciate him more. While things he does or doesn't do may not always make me happy, I have a really great man. He works hard so that I can stay home and take care of our children. If I want something he does his best to be sure that I get it.
I am going to make this part of my resolutions for this year. To show my husband I love and appreciate him daily.

How about you? Are you showing your husband that he is appreciated and loved each day? Is this something you need to work on also? Lets remind each other when those times come up where we want to complain that such and such didn't get done, that overall we have good husbands.

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