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>> Thursday, April 8, 2010

Okay I can not let another day go buy without sharing my kids new favorite treat.  Last Thursday when I was out trying to find some decent treats to put in my kid's Easter Baskets I happened to come across a small display of Pure Fun candies in the organics section of my grocery store.  I picked up the bag and thought, organic candy - yeah right...How can hard, colorful lollipops be organic?  Then I looked at the bag...
At Pure Fun™ we're famous for the ingredients we DON'T use in our candies...
NO Gluten, NO GMO'S, NO FD&C Colors, NO Casein, NO Dairy, NO artificial flavors,NO dyes, NO Synthetics, NO Pesticides, NO preservatives
...nothing but Pure Fun™
Sounds good so far. So if they don't add any of that stuff what exactly are they making this candy with...I look over at the ingredients and this is what it says:
Ingredients - organic evaporated cane juice, organic brown rice syrup, citric acid, natural flavors, natural colors: Red beet and annatto, organic fruit juice, natural alfalfa extract.
Wow! No artificial dyes and no HFC's!  So of course I had to buy them and get them home as fast I could so we could see what they taste like.  First I try, because I'm nice like that - I wouldn't want to give the kids something really horrible. ;)  And then I offered them each one and all of the kids agreed they were very yummy.  I don't give the kids candy very often but at least with a treat like this I don't have to feel guilty that I'm giving them "junk food".  Mom's happy, kids are happy, what more could you ask for?

I went to the Pure Fun website and they carry more than just lollipops too - they make cotton candy!!.  My store didn't have all of the Pure Fun candies that are made, unfortunately. I am going to keep watching though because I really want to try the Cotton Candy (would be great to find this summer with all the carnivals and fairs that will be around selling it), the Root Beer Barrels and the Jaw Boulders.  I hope the next time you're looking for a treat to buy for your children you'll think of Pure Fun candy and give them a try - they are the better for you candy - and you can feel better about giving them to your children (or yourself).

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