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>> Friday, April 9, 2010

Psst have you heard that 5 Minutes for Mom is throwing a huge party this week?  Yeah, I guess the kids or their husbands are going to be out of town or asleep or something and they are telling everyone to come to the party and bring a friend. I am so going! Are you??

Before you go any further...It wouldn't be a party without some music.  So go ahead and click on the play button so you can chair dance while you read. ;)

There we go, got the music up. Oh, you're new here? Well, in that case I should introduce myself. If you're wondering what Typical Ramblings, Atypical Nonsense is all about, the name pretty much says it.  I talk about everything from green living, products I love, recipes, organization, crafts, my kids, to parenting...pretty much whatever is on my mind. I'm not a natural born writer (how I wish I was though), I mostly I write like I talk. Sometimes I misspell things but usually that's because I'm breastfeeding while trying to blog, not because I don't know how to spell. ;)  I love my little corner of the blogosphere and I hope you'll enjoy your stay here and come visit me often.  I'm also hoping that maybe I'll find a way to make it to BlogHer'10 this August - and maybe I'll get to meet some of you while I'm there.

Oh, sorry I should be a better hostess. Are you hungry?  Would you like something to drink? Well, it's Friday night and at our house that means PIZZA!
I hope you like pizza. Good thing I had a bunch of these in the freezer, I was able to get them in the oven before you all got here and still look this good!  Here's my recipe if you'd like to make some for your family.

Need something to wash that down with? 
How bout a green smoothie? I kid!! The wine is just over there, help yourself. :)

Powered by Whrrl

The girls at 5 Minutes for Mom know that if you're going to throw a great party you have to have great door prizes.  I have to tell you what my top three prizes are that I'm hoping to win...

   $200 Apple gift certificate from CmomGo
   $200 gift certificate for any Wall Slicks vinyl wall decal from Modern Wall Graphics, the makers of Wall   Slicks
   $50 gift card to from Shasher’s Life

   And if my top three picks are already chosen, I’d love any of the following (in order of preference):

   USC 53, USC 56, USC 23, USC 22, USC 61 or any of the prizes because they are all really great!

Well, I hope that you've had a great time at my party & I hope you'll tell all your friends to stop by! I'm really looking forward to meeting & getting to know lots of new people this week. Don't be shy - say hi! and let me know if you had fun! :)

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