Mamavation Monday - August 16, 2010

>> Monday, August 16, 2010

Watch Lives Change
What a week! I am really glad to see last week over. There was a lot of emotional stress going on in my life last week. And 6 months ago all that emotional stress would have found me in the kitchen - a lot. I'm am so thankful that I've been going through the Weight-Release program and have been practicing other self-honoring ways to manage my stress and emotions. I spent a lot of time last week taking baths, meditating, eventually writing in my journal - even wrote a little poetry & I haven't done that since I was in high school. I had planned on starting the couch to 5k running program sometime in the near future, but the added emotional stuff I was dealing with really gave me a push to go for it. It helped me manage some anger constructively and now I'm finding myself really enjoying continuing with the program. I'm actually enjoying running! I never thought that I would enjoy running.
Food wise I wasn't perfect. I'm never going to be perfect and that is perfectly okay. But I did really well. I stayed in touch with my feelings, observed my behaviors and even when I decided I really wanted to have the chips, for example, I put them in a bowl and went ahead and just enjoyed them. No guilt. And no sitting with the bag shocked later that I ate so much. :)

Goals for this week:

Food - With the new running program my appetite has really increased. I'm still working on adjusting my meal plan for that. I think it's going to take a little bit to work out, but I'm not going to stress over it.  Just going to try to make some good choices and listen to my body. It will fall in place. Might need to change my before run snack to something else. I've been keeping with the yogurt but it's not really working for me. If you are a runner what are some other suggestions you have?

Water - this is a big one for me. Every week I have very good intentions to drink lots of water. Every day I start off well and then it just sort of fades off into the day and at bedtime I'm trying to get water in. I'm not drinking pop or tea or anything else that's keeping me from drinking my water. I'm just not drinking anything at all.  So that's not really great. Going to try to keep a glass of water on my desk while I'm at work and see if that helps. I noticed the last few days when I run my fingers swell so I know that I am not doing well in the h2o department.

Exercise - I'm going to continue with the c25k running program three (M,W,F) days a week. I'm also thinking I would like to do some strength training two days (T & T) and on the weekends hmm not sure but something - yoga maybe? I will think about that.

Self-Care Practices -  I want to continue with meditation each day. Taking baths - adding Epsom salts to help recover from soreness. I want to try harder to write in my journal more days this week. This used to be a really nice habit and I've slipped from that - I know it helps me so I want to get back into doing it daily. And basically continue practicing making self-honoring choices.

So that's this week in a nut shell. :) Congrat's to the Sista of the Week - Kimberly! Yay You! :)



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