Menu Plan Monday - August 1- 7

>> Monday, August 3, 2009

I'm back for another week of menu planning. At least I wasn't gone as long this time. I'm really going to try hard to post my menu every week for the month of August. Maybe then it'll be a habit? Ah well, here's to hoping. :) I can't believe it's August already. School is going to be starting soon - wow!

So is there anything you would like to see here for the school year? Is there anything I can do for you to help make menu planning easier? Do you need some tips, ideas, forms? Let me know and I'll see what I can put up here for you.

Raw Vegan Menu {Monday - Saturday}

Breakfast - Green Smoothie

Lunch - Pink or Green Smoothie or Salad or mono-meal (I'm allowing options based on what I am craving, if I am wanting to chew or if I am short on time mono-meals are great).

Supper - Big salad & a portion of whatever I cooked, if I desire it.

Dessert - Almond milk & frozen fruit shake (if I am craving something sweet after supper).

I'll be honest with you, I haven't been doing very well on my raw eating for the last month or so. I keep trying. After years and years of eating cooked, it's really hard to give up things I love. I am hoping once school is back in session it'll be a little easier to get back on the raw track. There won't be as much cooking going on in the daytime then and with just E home with me I think I'll have better success. I'm not giving up, just going with the flow of it for now. Baby-stepping to change I guess.

Regular Cooked Menu {Monday - Friday}
With printable recipe cards (click pics to save & print) and links to original recipes.

Please note - I use organic, local ingredients when possible. Also the recipes usually call for all- purpose flour. I usually use a mix of 1/2 whole wheat & 1/2 white or just all whole wheat. Remember a recipe is just something to go by, feel free to change them up for health/your family's tastes.


  • Monday - Cereal
  • Tuesday - Fresh fruit & cinnamon toast
  • Wednesday - Old Fashioned Blueberry Oatmeal
  • Thursday - Waffles & fresh fruit
  • Friday - Fresh fruit & yogurt


  • Monday - Ham Sandwiches & side salad
  • Tuesday - Quesadillas & homemade salsa
  • Wednesday - Egg salad sandwiches w/carrot & celery sticks
  • Thursday - Taco style lentils & rice
  • Friday - Tuna salad sandwiches & raw veggies


Saturday - BLT's/Bacon Grilled Cheese, Chips and Veggie Sticks

Sunday - (BBQ w/hubby's co-workers) Grilled Burgers & Sausages, Potato Salad, Veggies marinated in (lite)Italian Dressing and Ice Cream Cake for dessert (I'll post that recipe separately :) )

Monday - Leftovers from the BBQ

Tuesday - Crock pot Carnitas, Spanish Rice (Uncle Ben's), Guacamole Salad - recipe suggestion from twitter friend @lynnnein

Wednesday - Grilled Steaks, Baked Potatoes, Steamed Veggies & Salad

Thursday - Pasta Sans Fagioli, Garlic Cheese Rolls & Salad

Friday - Homemade Pizza & Salad

That's the plan for this week. Hopefully the family will enjoy some of the new recipes, I'm excited to try them. :) For menu planning ideas head over to The Happy Housewife - she's hosting Menu Plan Monday for this week. This is the first I've seen of her blog and it looks fantastic! So at least go take a peek at what she has going on over there. Also go over to Chive Talkin to see other great flexitarian, vegetarian, raw, whole foods, seasonal, local, gluten free menu plan ideas.


jenna @ August 3, 2009 at 11:40 PM  

Hey! So glad to see you back! I missed ya! Great menu plan again... love the guacamole salad idea! I love how you provide printable recipe cards. I love the idea of a totally raw diet, but for now, I am happy with my flexitarian choice. I do eat many more raw foods than I EVER did, but I don't think I could totally become 100% raw... It's like you said baby steps, and I think baby steps are better than none and perhaps one day I will be there. Thanks for joining in the blog roll at and inspiring others to health.

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