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>> Sunday, August 9, 2009

Things Moms Like is at it again! Yes, and so am I...entering and blogging the giveaways. :) So have you been over to her site since I last blogged some of her giveaways? If not you really have to get over there! She has some of the best giveaways going for the whole family. I think that is so fantastic - stuff for everyone the kids, the babies, and stuff for you. What more could you ask for?!

Today I'm going to share a few of the many fantastic giveaways she has going on with you.

The first giveaway is a 100% cotton, fair trade, tee shirt or onesie for you child/baby from Green as We Grow. This is the first I have heard of this company. And what a great company! It's a mom run business out of the U.S that focuses on green/organic clothing options. They offer crib bedding, onesies and tee shirts (for girls and boys). And the clothing is super cute! The prices are a bit high (to me). I normally try to by second hand for my kids, it's better on the environment and the chemicals are all washed out by the time I buy the clothing, plus everything is worn and soft. But there are occasions that I do by the kids brand new - bithdays, christmas, first day of school. So why not spend a little more and get something that is green/organic. I could still feel good about what I am buying and putting on my kids. What's not to like about that!

The second giveaway is a DVD from Lionsgate Entertainment titled Super Capers. This movie is a comedy spoof on Super Heros. It sounds really funny. I was most excited about this DVD because my husband and I love spoof movies (even if they are cheesy) but they are normally not something the kids can watch with us. Language or inuendos usually keeps it from being a family movie. This movie is different! It's rated PG (Dove rating of ages 12 and up). As the kids get older it gets hard to find a nice family movie that we can all enjoy together without one of the kids saying "this is for babies" or the other saying "this is too scary". I think a good spoof movie is in order at our house!

Up next is a brand new giveaway that I am really excited about. It's for a Anatex Magnetic Trace a Letter from Wooden Toddler Toys.
"With Anatex Magnetic Trace a Letter, ($99 value) children use the magnetic wands to trace the 26 alphabet letters! Magnetic Trace a Letter helps children develop early writing skills. Each letter board has an associated picture and word printed on the bottom, promoting language art skills and teaching letter recognition. Each letter comes with its own wand! (wood box not included). This set is great for ages 3 and up. Each letter measures 4″ x 6″"
This would be a fantastic toy for little E to use for many years. I love the fact that it's a wooden toy. I'm so over the tons of plastic that enters our home in the form of toys. This would be a toy I could save for future grandbabies. :)

So now you've read about the giveaways, click the links and head over to enter them for yourself! Good luck!

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