Menu Plan Monday - August 22- 28

>> Monday, August 24, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

I don't know about you all, but I had a fantastic weekend. I was able to get a lot of work around the house done. Something that hasn't happened in awhile. For a change I don't feel like am completely drowning in the housework.

It started on Friday night, we went and bought groceries. This was something I always did before I had the baby. That way it left the rest of the weekend for whatever. Grocery shopping always seems to take so much longer on Saturday or Sunday. I guess because everyone else is out getting theirs too. Friday night we were in and out of the grocery store in an hour! Got to love that. I'm thinking I'm going to try getting back into that habit.

Saturday morning when I got up I really wasn't in the cleaning mood. I decided to make a list and plug it into's sequence generator. A Twitter friend that told me about using the generator to scramble up the list. Somehow though it always seems to give me the chore I am dreading first. Not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing. ;) Anyhow I was able to get the house clean. Not perfect or anything but people can come visit and I won't die of embarrassment now. And I feel like I am ahead enough that I can start cleaning deeper - closets, cabinets, and the like. That is a nice feeling.

Sunday we were on hurricane watch. So I got up and put supper in the crock; that way it would have time to cook through if we lost power later and it would still stay warm in the crock for a few hours. Then I proceeded to make chocolate chip and blueberry muffins, and white chip chocolate cookies. I'll share those recipes with you later. :) So all in all it was a nice productive weekend. :) And I'm already making plans for next weekend if the weather is nice (hint - outside work).

On to this week's menu plan...

Raw Vegan Menu {Monday - Saturday}

Breakfast - Will mostly likely be mono-meals of fruit. Watermelon, peaches, grapefruit. For those that don't know what a mono-meal is; it's where you eat only one thing (i.e. peaches) until you are satisfied. It doesn't matter if it takes 2 or 5. Just eat until you are satisfied.

Lunch - Probably be a big salad, or just cut up veggies in a big bowl to munch on as I please.

Supper - Whatever is on the cooked menu, making sure I have lots of veggies (steamed lightly or raw)

Dessert - Fruit

Regular Cooked Menu {Monday - Friday}
With printable recipe cards (click pics to save & print) and links to original recipes.

Please note - I use organic, local ingredients when possible. Also the recipes usually call for all- purpose flour. I usually use a mix of 1/2 whole wheat & 1/2 white or just all whole wheat. Remember a recipe is just something to go by, feel free to change them up for health/your family's tastes.

  • Monday - Cereal
  • Tuesday - Fresh fruit & cinnamon toast
  • Wednesday - Eggs, toast, and sliced melon
  • Thursday - Waffles & fresh fruit
  • Friday - Fresh fruit & yogurt
  • Monday - Pasta and tomato based sauce
  • Tuesday - Taco style lentils & rice
  • Wednesday - Egg salad sandwiches w/carrot & celery sticks
  • Thursday - Ham Sandwiches & side salad
  • Friday - Tuna salad sandwiches & raw veggies

Saturday - BLT's/Grilled Cheese w/bacon, Sliced tomato & cucumbers, chips

Sunday - Crock Pot Italian sausages & meatballs. Served on homemade hoagie rolls (homemade hamburger buns shaped into hoagie rolls), sprinkled w/shredded mozzarella cheese. Macaroni salad & chips.

Monday - Slow Oven BBQ Ribs, baked potatoes, corn and salad

Tuesday - Roast chicken, rice, steamed broccoli & cauliflower (fresh)

Wednesday - Grilled sausages, oven fries, steamed green & yellow beans (fresh)

Thursday - Chicken fried rice (using leftovers fromTuesday) and oven baked egg rolls

Friday - Pepperoni Bread & Salad

That's my plan for this week. What's on your menu this week? If you would like to see more menu planning ideas head over to Laura's @ I'm an Organizing Junkie. Also go over to Chive Talkin to see other great flexitarian, vegetarian, raw, whole foods, seasonal, local, gluten free menu plan ideas.


jenna @ blogchivetalkincom August 25, 2009 at 11:57 PM  

Hey! Love the taco style lentils... and using the crockpot to make meals easier. You do such a great job organizing your meals and providing recipes. It is really appreciated! BTW, I have been following your BFing tweets lately and just wanted you to know we are on the same wave length. I used to be a La Leche League Leader. Thanks again for joining in the Chivetalkin Blog Roll. I love having you!

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