Holiday Grand Plan - Week Nine

>> Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ghostly Gourds
We are half way through the Holiday Grand Plan! Can you believe it?  I sure can't! I really need to step up my game from now on out.  No more excuses!

Last week went a bit better.  I feel like I made better use of my time and really got some things accomplished.  Not all of the things on my list but some of it - more than lately anyhow.  That's a good feeling.  Makes me feel like there is hope for the remaining nine weeks. :)  This is going to be a fun week.  We are on the last week before Halloween.  I finally managed to get the house decorated for Halloween, made Halloween sugar cookies with the kids & caramel corn. I've started working on the kids treats they will be taking to school to share with their classmates.  You'll want to check back on Tuesday for sure to see some of what we are making. I'll probably have a second post Thursday for the treats my daughter will be taking, since I can't make those too far in advance. We will also carve our pumpkins this week and roast the seeds. I'm excited & the kids are excited.  

This is also the last week of October. *sigh*  That means that I have one month left to really get it together around here so that come December I am relaxed and ready for FUN!  I can do it right?  Yes and so can you. :)

The Holiday Grand Plan site says this week our focus is the Pantry and Closets.  So if you are following that plan you'll want to go over and print off the sheets for this focus.  I am of course following Flylady zones, so this week I'll be focusing on the living room.  This will be the last time I can focus on the room before starting to decorate next month for Christmas (I start the weekend of the American Thanksgiving), so I really need to do a good job in here.

My goals for the week are:

*Holiday Prep*
  1. Make one batch of Holiday Goodies.
  2. Make one extra meal for freezer again labeled HOLIDAY MEAL.
  3. Start addressing Christmas cards and writing Christmas letter.
  4. This week I will also start talking to the children about what they would like for Christmas. Time to get a list going and watching for sales.
*Chores - FlyLady zone 5. For me that is the living room, entry, and front porch.

      1. Living room
          - Clean window, windowsill and screens
          - Windex pictures & mirror
          - Dust and/or vacuum furniture
          - Vacuum floor
      2. Entry
          - Dust
          - Straighten closet
          - Sweep and mop
      3. Front Porch
          - Sweep down cobwebs
          - Sweep off porch
          - Shake door mat

This week's list feels very do-able to me, so maybe I can get it all crossed off and maybe work on a few extra things if I have time.

How are you coming on your holiday prep?  Getting excited or starting to panic?  Don't panic, just join in with me.  Trust me you are not far behind at all - there is still plenty of time to get organized to have a peaceful holiday season. 

Be sure to stop over and see how my friends who are also doing the Holiday Grand Plan are making out with their goals.
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