"The Love Dare" - 40 Day Journey to Unconditional Love

>> Sunday, October 11, 2009

Tomorrow I am going to be taking The Love Dare Challenge.  A few of my twitter friends are going to be taking this journey together and when I saw them talking about it, I was reminded that my husband and I had talked about taking this challenge together.  Don't worry we both still love each other (You don't have to be on the brinks of divorce to do this challenge, although if you are, you definitely should do this challenge). I still think we are in love with one another, but sometimes I don't feel like we are as close as we could be.  I imagine that is a normal course of being married, but if this journey can help us be even closer then I think that is a good thing.

Tonight I asked him if he was still interested in doing The Love Dare with me.  Without even hesitating he said yes! :) So tomorrow we start day 1.  I have already decided that even if he starts out great and then falls away from all of the challenges that I will keep going.  I'm not going to nag or remind him each day, I'm just going to worry about me.  If I focus on what I need to do and not worry about if he is doing it or not, then I feel I will get more out of this.

I am nervous and excited to see what changes will happen in our relationship over the next 40 days. I hope that at the end of the 40 days things will be even better than they are now.

Tomorrow's Challenge:
Day 1: Love is Patient

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