Blog "Spring Cleaning" - Day Three {Promote a Blog Post}

>> Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The third assignment in the Blog 'Spring Cleaning' challenge hosted by Mariana, from Riding with No Hands, is to promote a blog post. I pretty much use Twitter and Facebook to promote my blogs.  Sometimes I question social media etiquette - I wonder how many times is it acceptable to promote a blog post?  I know sometimes I'll see some being posted many times in one day and then days later see them promoting the post again. Personally unless it's a giveaway I usually just stick to promoting a few times the day I post it. If a post is generating a lot of traffic or comments I might extend that by a day or two at most.  What are your rules for post promotion?

Homework for this assignment:

  • Promote one of my posts - This was fairly simple as today is Crafty Tuesday on my blog so I wrote a post and shared it on Twitter and Facebook.  I've tried to figure out Stumble (I do have an account) but I feel really awkward stumbling my own posts and I don't like begging for stumbles either. Having said that if you have Stumble and you stumble my post I would appreciate it. Let me know if you do and I will absolutely return the favor. :)
  •  Leave a comment on 5 blogs minimum - This was a great challenge for me.  I have a lot of blogs in my Google Reader that I visit each day and I rarely leave a comment.  I'm going to work harder at leaving a comment on the posts I read and enjoy. I know I love comment love so other bloggers would too!
  • Create a Facebook Page for your Blog - I've had a page for sometime now so I didn't need to create one, but I went over and updated a few things. Got rid of notes (because I want people to actually come to my blog right!) and figured out Networked Blogs for posting.  Probably could use a bit more work so I'll go visit some other pages and see how they are using their Facebook Page to promote their blog. 

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