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>> Sunday, March 28, 2010

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In my post from a couple days ago I told you all how I had been reading over at (seed) and they were inspiring me.  Well, here it is days later and I'm still being inspired by what I read. Last year I set up a square foot garden. Okay, so really I (I as in hubby) built the frame, I read a book about it but I was paralyzed by fear of not being able to do it "right", so that's as far as we ever got with the garden.

I've been thinking the last few days about that garden and how I really want to grow my own veggies this summer.  Not just because it will be less expensive than buying then at the grocery or farmer's market. But also because I can grow them organically, they will be in my yard so our carbon foot print will be virtually nil. I think it's very important to buy local (when you can) because it supports local farmers but also because it's so much better for the environment.  I truly believe that every small step we make towards preserving our plants helps.  I want to be a good example of what I believe to my children.  I can talk to them all day about things like this but if I don't actually do what I talk about, it's nothing more than words.

So this week I'll be getting out some paper and pencil and making some real plans for our garden this year.  It doesn't matter if I don't do it exactly "right" or if only half of it actually grows. What matters is that I'll be taking another step in living an organic lifestyle that is not harmful for the environment.  That's what is important. Thank you (seed) for planting a seed within me to make these changes and for keeping me thinking about what else I can do for my family and the environment.

This post was written as my entry in a contest hosted by Hip As I Wanna Be and (seed) to win a sponsorship to BlogHer 2010.

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