The Power of a (Seed)

>> Friday, March 26, 2010

SEEDology: Everything begins with a seed.

I recently read the story of (seed) and how the (seed) company and products were born. It really got me thinking about our life at home.  Several years ago I switched to natural cleaners, like vinegar, tea tree oil, and borax to clean the house.  Several reasons at the time prompted the change - I was getting migraines from cleaning products, my husband and daughter both have lung issues and the fumes from the cleaning supplies were bothering them daily and I was concerned about the effect these products had on the environment as I used them and discarded them.  The bonus that came from switching was the cost - who doesn't like to save money right?   Last year I switched from using laundry detergent to using soap nuts (I had already switched to vinegar for fabric softener) and I'm really pleased with how soap nuts work.  I try hard to feed my family organic foods when I can.  What goes in our body is so extremely important to our health and that includes the chemicals found in and on our foods.

So you might be asking yourself what else could she possibly need to do for her family?  The one place I've been letting slide by is in the products we use on our bodies.  I've been careful to try and buy products not tested on animals, because I do feel that is important but I've not gone so far as to make sure the products we use are really natural.  I know a lot of products claim that title but not all body care products really are all natural.  This is where (seed) comes in - they are 100% Natural.  Soap isn't really a hard product to find that is all natural but (seed) has an all natural body lotion and an all natural shampoo bar! I am really excited about those two products. Finding a hair care product that is safe for our body and good on the environment is not always an easy task. I've tried no-poo for myself but convincing my family to go no-poo isn't going to happen. I know that I could get them to use a shampoo bar though.

I'm so happy that I have learned about (seed) and that their story has inspired me to take my family's organic living to the next step. You can read their story and look at their products here.  I hope that a seed will be planted in your mind to do something good for yourself today and every day.

This post was written as my entry in a contest hosted by Hip As I Wanna Be and (seed) to win a sponsorship to BlogHer 2010.

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