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>> Monday, March 15, 2010

This week the kids are out of school on March break and this week is also Miss. Bean's actual birthday - she's a St. Paddy's baby (Imagine her 19th birthday will be F.U.N. haha). So this week I really didn't need to make a separate toddler menu, I'm just going to try giving them all the same things and if I need to make something different so he'll eat then I will (after he tries the other things - he's usually not too picky so I'm not real worried).

Anyhow here is this week's menu for your enjoyment:

Regular Cooked Menu {Monday - Friday}

Please note - I use organic, local ingredients when possible. Also the recipes usually call for all- purpose flour. I usually use a mix of 1/2 whole wheat & 1/2 white or just all whole wheat. Remember a recipe is just something to go by, feel free to change them up for health/your family's tastes.

  • Monday - Oatmeal, juice or milk
  • Tuesday - Waffles, juice or milk
  • Wednesday - Homemade fruit bread, yogurt, juice or milk
  • Thursday - Oatmeal, juice or milk
  • Friday -  Scrambled egg sandwich, juice or milk
  • Monday - Cold plate & juice
  • Tuesday - Salad, melon pieces, yogurt, juice & water
  • Wednesday - Egg salad sandwich, apple slices, celery with cream cheese, juice & water
  • Thursday - Tuna salad sandwiches, orange wedges, pretzels, fruit bread, juice & water
  • Friday -  Macaroni & cheese, yogurt, veggie sticks & pieces of fruit, juice & water
  • Monkey Platter
  • Orange wedge & Almond milk
  • Yogurt and Graham crackers
  • Quick fruit bread or muffin and Almond Milk
  • Bread sticks & Avocado Dip 
*check back later this week for links to recipes*
  • Sunday - Pasta Pie (in honor of Pi day), garlic bread and salad
  • Monday - Leftovers from Sunday
  • Tuesday - Crock pot French Dip on Homemade Baguettes, Coleslaw 
  • Wednesday - *St. Paddy's Day + Miss. Bean's 10th Birthday* Corned Beef Dinner, Irish Soda Bread & cake of her choice.
  • Thursday - Grilled sausages or hot dogs, baked potatoes (in the crock pot) & steamed veggies
  • Friday -  Pepperoni Bread & Salad

Need more menu planning ideas? Then head over to Laura's @ I'm an Organizing Junkie. Also if your interested in more vegetarian, flexitarian or whole foods menus please check out Jenna's Mindful Menus.

Organizing JunkieMindful Menus

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