Small Talk Six: Puppy Love

>> Saturday, March 27, 2010

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Cathy from Let's Be Green Together, told me about this meme for Saturdays over on I checked it out and knew right away when I saw the topic for this week that I wanted to play along.  The topic today is “6 celebrities you had a crush on when you were a tween or teen.”   In no particular order here are my 6 tween/teen heart-throbs:

1. Kirk Cameron - Yep, I even had a poster of him on the back of my bedroom door.  He was hot in my teen mind.

2. Scott Baio - I wanted Charles in charge of me ;) Funny, my babysitters were all snotty teen girls - how did those kids get so lucky?

3. Ralph Macchio - Who didn't want to date the Karate Kid???

4. Tom Cruise - ok admit it, back in the day he was smokin H.O.T.

5. Patrick Swayze - I watched Dirty Dance more times than I can count and no, I never wished I was Baby....

6. Last but certainly not least Jared Leto - Jordon Catalano...what more is there to say?!

I could easily keep going, but since we're only supposed to list 6 I'll stop. :)

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